Connected kitchen devices offer people a better life armed with smart technology. Having a smart kitchen seems to be a trend in 2023.

Advances in technology make people like things that smell practical, especially for those who are busy. In addition to being time efficient, it makes us plenty of time to pay attention to ourselves.

Connected Kitchen Devices Tren Smart Kitchen 2023

Wide Selection of Connected Kitchen Devices

Every house must have a kitchen, although not too spacious. As the heart of the house to meet food needs, now we can leave conventional cooking methods.

Thanks to the advent of wireless technology, we can complete and control tasks automatically with the help of applications from smartphones. Your job is just to monitor.

With accompanying artificial intelligence, it allows users to control remotely. There is no need to worry about the result because the comparison with traditional cooking is quite accurate.

So, what are the connected kitchen devices that can be integrated with the internet through voice control or applications?

Smart Cooker

Integrated with smart technology and automation in cooking activities more convenient and easier, you can rely on connected kitchen devices in the form of smart cookers to cook various processed foods. Just do the control through the application on the phone. It is even possible

You adjust the heat and time as needed through your smartphone. Thus, there will be no more cases of burnt food.

Smart Refrigerator

When else would it have a smart refrigerator that could display five screens otherwise now? You can get recipe and shopping list views, digital pinboards or calendars, entertainment screens, smart home screens, and other displays as you wish. Carrying AI technology, it allows users to find out the contents of the refrigerator without having to open it first. 

Smart Microwave

Having a smart microwave connected to WiFi, allows users to combine various cooking options so that their use is more optimal. So, don’t just use the microwave to heat dishes or make popcorn.

The convection technology that accompanies the product allows baking to fry food without the need for a lot of oil. This makes the food healthier.

Interestingly, as connected kitchen devices, the smart microwave will invite you to discover various recipes and then read out the steps as you practice them. Smart microwaves on the device can track the food that users cook most often.

Coffee Maker

The dimensions of this smart kitchen device are quite compact with the placement of the water tank on the front. The interface is with a responsive touch. Novice users will not find any difficulty running it.

Connect the device with Bluetooth and tell the device to make coffee according to your taste. In addition to making coffee on demand, you can also adjust the coffee dose and water volume through the application. Set a time before using it so that the machine is up and ready to brew a cup of delicious coffee every morning as soon as you wake up.

Having connected kitchen devices does facilitate activities. However, that does not mean we can be lazy and act arbitrarily. Just use it as needed so that its use remains environmentally friendly.