The future of smart living is definitely a dream for many people. But to make it happen, we cannot just sit idly by. There must be much active and diligent effort. What is the main key to having a smart future? Do you have to work like hell so you can get money or work with passion and enthusiasm to increase your potential?

In Indonesia, workers often resign. The reason is because they feel that the salary they have received so far from the company is not competitive. This actually shows that the principle that money is everything is still the mindset of most people. In some situations, in fact, this mindset may be very reasonable to apply. But actually the lens is a Toxic work culture.

The Future of Smart Life to Be Aware of, Here's How

The Future of Successful Smart Living

Not a few people think that smart can be obtained by every individual. Many also think that being smart is a destiny from God. But actually all that can be trained.

Smart or not a person also depends on his business. The fact is that young people who build their careers only work to earn money and just go with the flow. In fact, each person has its own uniqueness.

How can this uniqueness lead them to a better and more successful life goal as well as smarter. But actually How do you build a smart future?

Increasing Self Value and Potential

The first step that must be taken is to make an impact in order to increase self-worth and potential. Try to work that we try to increase self-worth. How do you increase your self worth? Of course we have to make a very meaningful impact. What are Impacts? An impact that is the result of our actions can not only achieve a predetermined target but can also bring change to a situation.

Willingness to Learn

Then to build a smarter future in the future, we must also have the ability to learn quickly, which is a competitive advantage. In fact, the willingness and speed of learning is one of the things that can make a person superior to others.

Learning doesn’t have to be at school because it can be done from any source. You can learn through YouTube or podcasts and then read articles and keep journals on the internet and learn from those closest to you.


Not only that, efforts can be made to build the best and smartest future. But we also have to do 10 year planning. Those who have planned their lives for the next few years must always try to make it happen.

But actually, planning for 10 years is not needed, it sometimes makes the future look boring and cramped. Shouldn’t the future be very exciting? The point is never refuse to continue to grow and learn. Always experimenting outside of the Comfort Zone.

In this day and age, in fact, what many people are looking for is attention and empathy. Attention is something that is lost but also something that is much sought after. Whether it’s in the real world or in the virtual world.

As for empathy itself is the basis for building a relationship and connection. Empathy is also the foundation for attracting the attention of many people. Having empathy is also a very valuable super power in building a smart future. We must also always be responsive to technological advances.